Entertaining Platters

The Waterthins selection of crackers and twists will entice and excite, particularly when entertaining. We have made it easy for you to impress your guests with these simple and delightful flavours and textures for any entertaining occasion, so you can entertain with confidence. Here are a few ways to enjoy them!

Simply Cheese

A stylish cheese plate no longer needs to be fretted over. Simply choose 4 of your favourite cheeses, generally have a variety that caters to: aged, mouldsoft and hard.

Try adding some accompaniments that are rich in colour, flavour and texture such as olives, antipasto, dips, fig paste, walnuts, sliced pear, pesto dip – the choices are endless. Place them on a platter – simple, contemporary and impressive.

For more inspiring ideas, check out Matching Cheese and Crackers.

Middle Eastern Platter

Team up our bagelettes with a full flavoured dip like a babaganoush, or chunky pesto dip and some grilled vegetables.

The strong robust flavours of the dips and vegetables will compliment both the texture and flavour of the crispy baked bagelette.

Thai Inspired Canapes

Asian flavours work wonderfully with the fine wafer crackers. It’s the combination of textures that really brings it all together.

Try preparing this Thai inspired topping – Smooth cream cheese spread on the crackers, topped with cooked prawns, a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce and scattered with chilli and fresh herbs.

Simple and effective and just so very, very delicious.

Classic Platter

A classic platter of antipasto, cheese and Lavosh crackers is a great way to cater for all of your guests. Feel free to use 2 cracker varieties or all four, the choice is all yours.